Writer’s Block – It’s Not a Dry Well…

It’s a clogged pipe.

I’m a regular sufferer of writer’s block, and for years I had a deep seated fear it meant I had run out of ideas. Or creativity. Or grey matter. Perhaps that’s true, but since that is depressing and impossible to fix, I decided to declare it a total lie. And now it’s on the Internet, so you KNOW it’s true.

Creativity doesn’t run out, it just gets stopped up a bit. There’s probably an apt analogy about how Drain-O isn’t an ideal fix, and how we often treat mental clogs the same way with alcohol — but I don’t really feel like making such a profound and absurd comparison. Basically, I’m currently cleaning out my pipes. And this is my blog, so both of my readers are stuck with the slimy hair globs of my writer’s clog. You’re welcome.

I’ll leave you with that mental image, and just remind you — if you’re struggling with writing, or creating in general: Creativity doesn’t run out, it just gets clogged up. Write in a journal. Draw a blue duck. Record a podcast about the value of berber carpet. Heck, you can even spew wild claims of psychological understanding as it pertains to creativity on your blog. I know a guy that did that once.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – It’s Not a Dry Well…”

  1. Sort of like our Hot Water Heater, then, which is currently clogged by sentiment. The handyman is on site! Too bad you don’t have a handyman for creativity clog..

  2. Sometimes contentment is what clogs us up-struggle, frustration, and desperation are the impetus to creativity and clarity of focus and direction. Hmmm, is it good to have life going too well…..


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