New Look. New Resolve?

Like any fallen-off-the-wagon blogger, I’ve decided to commemorate my intention to return to regular (personal) writing by redesigning my site. I think the last time I redesigned my site, I blogged for a week. Now that we’re back up north, with only one house payment, and only two jobs — perhaps I’ll have some time to brain dump online.

Expect lots of news about BirdCam. It’s my latest obsession. 🙂

Here’s to our new life, which is basically a 1 year rewind. Details later…

5 thoughts on “New Look. New Resolve?”

  1. Heh. The first thing I did when deciding to restart blogging was to redesign my site. That was a month ago. 😀
    Hope you have better luck.

  2. Apologies if you’ve mentioned this somewhere else and I didn’t see it, but what cameras are you using for the BirdCam and if you don’t mind, what are you using on the software side?

    • No, no problem at all. I haven’t mentioned details anywhere, mainly because I wrote about the entire process for my next “Open Source Classroom” column in Linux Journal. I’m not sure if you have a current subscription, but if not, I’ll share the article with you when it goes live. 🙂


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