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There’s so much to say about the trip to Houston, but I’ll try to stick to pertinent information, and leave things like wearing a “Feeling Lucky” shirt at a restaurant on gay night out of the story. 🙂

Linux Journal flew me out to Texas for a meeting. I wasn’t entirely sure what the meeting would involve (I suspect part of it was just “played by ear” on their end too.) They actually flew a couple other people out as well, including Jill Franklin and Mitch Frazier. (Carlie Fairchild, Katherine Druckman, and Mark Irgang were already there.)

The specific details of the meetings aren’t terribly interesting, but part of the outcome is this:

It has officially goodness…

And I’m thankful the first 3 letters of the job title weren’t done in bold. Although that would have been HILARIOUS.

Posted on Natuba

Which is, you know, pretty cool. I will continue to be the video Gadget Guy, and we might come up with other cool things for both the website and magazine. They’re all such a great group to work with, I expect awesomeness in the future.

I’m also still working full time at the school here in Michigan, and have no intentions of changing that. Who knows what the future will bring, but I really love my job at the school. I expect I’ll do some more traveling than I’m used to, but that’s actually pretty exciting. 🙂

So there you have it. Linux Journal is awesome, the people are awesome, and unless I do something really dumb, I should be working with them for the foreseeable future.

Stay tuned later for a podcast. I’ll probably talk a bit about the trip there too.