I’m not quite dead! (I am getting fat though)

I’ve noticed that I’ve fattened up of late. I notice it because the only pants that fit me are the 2 pair of fat-guy khakis I have left from my pre-skinny-getting days. What happened?

You stopped eating smart, you dolt. You eat anything you want, as much as you want, and any time you want. You’re lucky you can fit your fat-guy pants on.

The truth of the matter is, I don’t have the motivation to cook anymore. Maybe I should start with some of the simpler vegan recipes, and get fancy if I so desire. I guess I need to look back on all the advice I would give new Eat-2-Live folks, and follow it myself.

So hopefully, I’ll get a little smaller before too long. Wish me luck!!!

1 thought on “I’m not quite dead! (I am getting fat though)”

  1. Good luck Shawn. I’m on the same road as you. 😀 Drinking lots of water really helps in losing weight, especially if there are not that many pounds to lose.


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