Incoming Subspace Signal

OK, I’m waaaay too proud of this ringtone, but I made it from television show clips, and think it is awesome. It’s an MP3 (Razr Compatible) file of the Enterprise computer from TNG saying, “Incoming subspace signal…”

I’ve gotten so many comments from people about it, that I wanted to put it here for everyone to download. So here’s for all the search engines to pick up on this post:

Free Star Trek Ringtone. Download for free. MP3 Star Trek TNG ringtone. Get it while it’s hot!

UPDATE: Here’s an iPhone ringtone version too. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Incoming Subspace Signal”

  1. I’d like to have a ring tone that sounds like the old TOS communicator being signaled from the ship. They also use the same signal on Enterprise on the bridge when they are getting an incoming message.

  2. Rob – I must admit, I was more concerned about the “subspace signal” part than anything. The “tweedle” that I stuck in doesn’t really go with the computer’s voice, but I think it makes for a great ringtone.

    If you want to make one from the original series, all I did was use quicktime pro to grab the audio from an episide.

    Have fun, and if you do make a ringtone, be sure to drop me a link!



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