With all the different spin offs from Ubuntu Linux, I thought I’d spin my own version, and make it available to everyone. My version is a little different (aren’t they all?) — in that it will only work for me. That’s right, it’s “Not-Your-Buntu.” Since it’s Linux, and since I didn’t think there were enough different Ubuntus out there, it only makes sense for me to release it for everyone to enjoy, right?

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Why choose NotYourBuntu? Well, if you’re me, it works incredibly well. It make old hardware perform like a new 8-core Macintosh, and the graphics are incredible. In fact, it will even play DVDs you don’t own! Just type in the name Just say the name of the movie you want to watch, and NotYourBuntu will retrieve the video in real time, even if you’re on dialup. It will also download all your favorite television shows automatically, and wirelessly broadcast them to your television!!! Even if you don’t have a television!!!

NotYourBuntu is an Ubuntu clone like no other. It’s too bad you’re not me, because NotYourBuntu is the fastest, sleekest, awesomest, most bestest-est Linux version ever created. I’ve also used a revolutionary compression scheme that makes NotYourBuntu fit easily on a floppy disk.

Download the full version HERE. (Please note, unless you’re Shawn Powers, and have the super secret password, NotYourBuntu won’t extract and install)

Enjoy NotYourBuntu! UPDATE: I removed the link to the “distro” because it was really just a password protected zip file with a text file inside. The text file said something along the lines of, “Look, it was just a joke…” A password protected zip file is something that drives me batty though, so I figured I’d just get rid of it. 🙂

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