What is Eat-2-Live?

My last post (I think it was my last…) mentioned the Eat-2-Live diet. Since it literally changed my life, I’ll expand a bit.

About 2 years ago, I weighed 220lbs. I was at the doctor’s office for a routine sickness, and he mentioned offhand that I was at risk for heart attack. I hadn’t’ realized that was the case, so when he said it — I was shaken up a bit!

At that time, I was on 3 medicines to control blood pressure, one for migraines, and about 3 for allergies. I have no idea how I didn’t see the risk for heart attack, but my mental self image was that of an invincible young adult. I’ll be honest, the doctor’s nonchalant mention that I was really unhealthy scared the heck out of me!!!

That day I went home, and googled for diets that reduced blood pressure. My goal was to have healthy blood pressure, and I realized my weight was a large part of the problem. I have always had moderately high blood pressure, even as a child, but now it was high even with medicines. Anyway, I found Eat-2-Live, and even the title spoke to me.

I called a local bookstore, which was a 35 minute drive away, and asked if they had the book in stock. Surprisingly, they did, so I drove over and bought it right away. I read the entire thing that evening. The next day I started the vegan diet, low in oil and grains. It was hard, I’ll admit — but since you can eat as much food as you want, it’s not impossible.

Anyway, over the next few months, I lost over 60 pounds, and my blood pressure and cholesterol were the lowest they’d ever been. I think my cholesterol was 135, and my BP was 118/70. It was awesome, and I felt better than ever before.

I would have stayed with the lifestyle, but unfortunately eating all fresh fruits and vegetables gets expensive. Added to the stress of work, I ended up going down the bad road, and gained weight back.

I’m now on blood pressure medicine again, albeit a small dose. I’ve gained back 30 of the 60 pounds I lost, and my skinny guy clothes don’t fit anymore.

So, I’m back on the diet. Hummus and pita are my new Doritos, and tofu is stacked in the fridge waiting to be marinated. To be honest, I kinda missed this sort of food. I know I miss my skinny guy clothes, so maybe this will work again.

4 thoughts on “What is Eat-2-Live?”

  1. I still keep my Eat-To-Live diet book on the counter. I use book as a guide. It is a great book and has a wealth of information for excellent health.

    I know my health is better because of it. You know that I need to keep my arteries open and I am doing the best I can.

  2. Congrats on hopping back on the healthy eating wagon! Keep posting and let us all know how it’s going — nothing like accountability to keep you motivated, right? (That always worked for me!)

  3. Not sure what the previous one was, but I like the new look here.

    This post is a neat surprise. Really great news, Shawn. (I believe you were an inspiration to a lot of people!)

    I am revisiting E2L also. I will check back for update.


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