I Made It Around the Sun Again

https://habitaccion.com/overnight-delivery-ambien-online The SunWell, that’s 32 times now I’ve flown around the Sun. Relatively speaking, I’ve traveled 18,380,173,760 miles, which means I could have flown to Pluto and back, then taken a quick jaunt back to Uranus for souvenirs. I still would have made it back in time to blow out candles this afternoon. Of course, for that to happen, my Mom would have had to launch me into space when I was born at 18.5 miles per second (the orbital velocity of Earth). I was born fast mind you, but my mother is human. 🙂

So there you have it. In comparison to the entire universe, my 32 laps are pretty insignificant. But hey, Jupiter hasn’t even made it around the Sun 3 times in my lifetime. What a pokey little fella.

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