Families, Grudges, and Reconciliation

I had a falling out a while back with one of my sisters. It was one of your standard fallings out — basically miscommunication and misunderstanding. Since we’re too old to kick each other in the shins and go tell Mom, we basically haven’t spoken in months.

If I thought hard enough, I could remember the details regarding our spat, but honestly, I’m not going to try. I remember leaving an open door for communication, and then leaving well enough alone in an attempt to not make it worse.

I’m sure you’ve heard time heals all, and there’s more wisdom in that than is seems. See, time heals all wounds, but love ignores the scars. Today, I got a comment on my blog from that very sister, and it was chock full of love. πŸ™‚ I think we’re on our way to being buddies again. I sure hope so. This is my first response, because I want everyone to know we’re talking again. I’m rather excited.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my sister and her family. I won’t put all their names up, because Tia hasn’t given me permission (she posted her name in the comment, so I figure she’s OK with her name being here). They’re pretty cool though:


Tia – I love you too. Feel free to leave your family’s names in the comment section if you so desire. Oh, and now that we’re talking, GIVE ME BACK MY WALKMAN, OR I’M TELLING MOM! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Thanks, but I don’t have your walkman. My husbands name is Bill and our sons name is Ian. There is a member missing from the picture, her name is Gracie, she’s our bulldog. Next time we are visiting each others city, lets visit.
    Love you


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