Happy Sysadmin Day!

Yep, today is the 8th annual Sysadmin Day. Every summer, the last Friday of July is the official Sysadmin Day. And every summer, here at the school, the entire staff works (4) 10 hour days, so they take off every Friday. You might think they do this to avoid buying me gifts and whatnot (the thought has crossed my mind), but I’m giving them all the benefit of the doubt. Plus, I have air conditioning, and a whole lotta unused bandwidth. So I’m fine. Really.

Best part of Sysadmin Day for me? This video:

As a note — I would normally host files locally, but this one specifically says not to, so I just embedded a YouTube video of somebody else breaking the rules. So you know, I’m only a second hand party to lawlessness. Leave me alone. It’s my day. 🙂

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