8 Things I do that annoy people.

clock.pngSometimes I do things for no other reason than being different. Maybe it’s because I like to do things that annoy people. Here’s a short list of 8 things I do off the top of my head.

1) I like to set my alarm clock to PM when it’s AM, and then set my alarm to go off in the PM. There’s no advantage to doing something silly like that, but I like it because it’s wrong and still works. For some reason, I like that.

2) Every time I’m outside at night, I point out stars or planets to whomever I’m with. Every member of my family can find Venus, and my kids race each other to locate the big dipper. My wife mockingly says, “look there’s Venus” whenever we get out of the van. 🙂 I love her.

3) I generally reformat our home computer a couple times a year. I think it’s because I like things to be “clean” when it comes to the operating system. My wife really doesn’t like this. Really really. I tend to be a backup Nazi, so I generally don’t lose any files, but I’m lucky my wife is awesome, or I’d likely be single. 🙂

4) I don’t like to shave. This wouldn’t be a big problem, except that I also can’t grow a beard to save my soul. I look like a bum. In fact, if my wife didn’t refuse to kiss me after a week or so, I’d most likely look like a homeless man with a laptop.


(I also leave things half finished.)
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