My Pretty Peculiar Popsicle Problem

I love Pop-Ice. You know, those plastic tubes filled with flavored goodness, which are frozen, and eaten right out of the tube? My favorite flavors are pink and blue. I know, those are colors, not flavors, but really I don’t think they contain any natural flavors at all. I could say my favorite flavor is bimethylhexaflorimine, but really, isn’t it better to say I like pink and blue? I thought so.

The problem is that I LOVE Pop-Ice. I eat them all summer. I eat many of them at a sitting, and I go back for more. I ate 13 in one sitting today. Yeah, I know, that’s sad.


I think my love for Pop-Ice stems from my youth. When I was little, we lived in the inner city of Detroit. It was the ghetto. The ice cream truck didn’t come to our neighborhood, both because it was scary where I lived, and because none of us could afford anything anyway! So we would scour the alleys for pop bottles. See, in Michigan, we have a 10ยข deposit on our pop cans. (Or soda cans, or coke cans, depending on where you hail from) Not coincidently, Pop-Ice at the corner store cost exactly 10ยข. They were the BIG ones too. It was the highlight of the summer, really. The only thing better is when the teenagers would wrench the fire hydrants open and we’d play in the flooded streets — but that’s another story altogether!

What are your favorite summer memories from childhood? Do you like Pop-Ice? If not, can I have yours? ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “My Pretty Peculiar Popsicle Problem”

  1. I love this post!! Here we call them “Freezies”. When I was a kid, the popular brand of flavoured frozen water/sugar in a tube was called Mr. Freeze, so I think that’s just a take on that name. I did very much enjoy them (purple or grape being my favorite), I was more of a Fudgesicle, Ice Cream Sandwich kinda gal. And Popsicles – lime flavoured! I remember for the longest time they were 7 cents. I have no idea what they cost now because I buy boxes of them at the grocery store. (I still like them a lot!) Anyhow, favorite childhood summer memory….I lived in Fredericton, NB and my grandparents for a while lived in Moncton, NB. Way back in the olden days (late 60’s early 70’s) it was a 2 hour drive from one to the other. Now there’s a new highway, so it takes half that. My grandparents would drive to Fredericton for a visit with us and I would go back with them to their house and spend a few weeks there. I LOVED IT!! Approx. half way was a little town called Sussex that had a big dairy there. They made…..Sussex ice cream. There was a roadside stand near the dairy that sold ice cream cones, sundaes, banana splits and the like. My grandpa would ALWAYS stop there and I would get a chocolate sundae. It was a real highlight of my summer. I still remember it today like it was 2 weeks ago.
    BTW, we all say pop cans up here. I don’t know anyone that says soda, and coke can refers to a can of Coke. Just a funny little difference from north to south.

  2. I never knew they were called anything different, until I met someone from down south. Apparently, way down south calls it “soda” — and around South Carolina, everything is “coke.” So you go to McDonald’s, and they ask you what kind of Coke you want. An acceptable reply is, “Sprite!”


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