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Happy Birthday, Choochie

Believe it or not, I do try to be a sensitive husband. I listen close throughout the year so I get gifts that are really good, and I try to be loving and caring on days that aren’t just special occasions. Sometimes, however, I screw up. Today is one of those days.

Broken Cake

I thought I was doing the right thing today, but it turns out I was not. My wife, you see, loves to have lots of people around. She lives for parties. Me, not so much. We had a large gathering of people over on Friday, and so I asked if Donna still wanted people over today. I misunderstood, and now, no one is coming over. I feel terrible.

So I’m going to take everyone out to a restaurant for lunch, but really it’s not what she wanted. She wanted lots of people over, and it’s too late for me to arrange that. So I blew it.

So here’s my public apology. I’m sorry, sweety, my intentions were good, I just messed up on the follow through. 🙁

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