Are You Awake?

If you’re awake, and it’s Sunday night (the 12th of August, or if it’s already past midnight, the 13th), GO OUTSIDE AND LOOK UP!!! The Perseid meteor shower is going on right over your head!

Ok, in all fairness, it’s largely better in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s worth a look regardless. The peak will be about 2 hours before the sun comes up on Monday morning, so make some coffee and get a comfy chair.

Meteor showers are great, because you don’t need anything but eyeballs to see them. The are expected to peak with 60-80 meteors per hour. Just watch the entire sky, partially easterly sky if you want to have a facing direction, and you should see them. Tonight is especially great because of the new moon. (New moon = no moon visible)

Below is a diagram of the sky. The meteors appear to streak from the Perseus constellation, and go across the whole nighttime canvas. It should be great!!!


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