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Aaaaand we’re back!

I’m back from my week long hiatus in the woods! We went camping in the tip of Michigan’s upper peninsula, and it was very awesome. Although I brought 2 laptops and a WiFi enabled Palm Pilot, I didn’t do much web surfing. Nor did I do much writing. The latter saddens me more than the former. I saw this on the way home, and the geek in me yelled, “Yay!” (The geek that is me simply said, “cool, I gotta take a picture of that!”)

Vulcan Sign

Yes, it’s real. No, I didn’t get any free water. Yes, that is an exploded bug on the windshield. No, I didn’t see Spock.

Also, it’s 2:20AM, and I can’t sleep. Apparently I miss the smell of campfire.

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