Most Days, I Don’t Even Shave…

badhaircat1.jpgOne of the joys of camping in a state park, is that everyone uses community showers. (No, not like that…) The park we stayed at only had 3 showers for the entire park. There are well over 100 campsites, and camping creates lots of reasons to bathe.

Every morning, as I walked to the restrooms, I’d see people waiting outside the showers for their turn. Many were like me, pondering the shower to camper ratio, but a few were mortified at the presence of others. Most noticeable were the ladies in their 20s. No, I wasn’t cruising the campground bathrooms for chicks, they were noticeable because they so desperately didn’t want to be seen before they showered and “prepped.” The irony is that the utter horror on their faces made them stick out like a sore thumb!

I considered taking a photo, just to post it here — but I thought I might actually cause some young woman to implode out of mortified embarrassment. It seemed a bit cruel for vacation, so I refrained. Plus, I didn’t want to be the guy taking photos of women at the community showers. I mean, I don’t want to be that guy. Eiw.

2 thoughts on “Most Days, I Don’t Even Shave…”

  1. I haven’t been camping like that in a while, but I remember those days. Extended trips and what to do about the cactus legs? I didn’t so much mind the non-prepped look, as the boys I hung out with then liked the outdoorsy (hee!) types.

    I only do these outings on the short-term now, Boy Scout overnights and such, where the home bath is only an hour or so away. These days I’m more a ‘King bed and the children in their own room, thank you very much!’ kind of gal. Kudos to you for seeing the stars again! (Not to mention the un-prepped 20-somethings!)


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