Like Christmas, Only Lamer

Next week, I can go public with the project I’ve been putting a lot of time into recently. I’m looking forward to that, because my blog is where I usually yammer on about such things. My blog is so darn popular, however, that if I talked about it, both my readers might tell, and I’d lose the deal. It’s like Amway. If both my readers tell two of their friends, and two of their friends tell two of my friends… or something like that. I never could figure out how Amway was gonna make me rich.

So, next week sometime will be the glorious reveal. Don’t get your hopes up too high though, because, well, it might suck. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Like Christmas, Only Lamer”

  1. It’s not allowed to suck, Shawn. All my dancing monkies must provide fabulous and constant entertainment.

    But I will make an effort to be gracious as I poke you with my stick.


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