5 thoughts on “It’s More of… ME!”

  1. Me dancing isn’t a pretty sight. But I doubt that would stop me. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment though, being silly so publicly has it’s ego crushing risks…

  2. Hmm… I always pronounced it “roffle-mow” – where “mow” rhymes with “cow.”

    Neat device though. It seems like there are a lot of little miniaturized things like that around nowadays and I’d be curious how it compares to some of the other ones. Just last weekend one of the takeout customers was showing me this little gaming device from Nintendo that looked very similar. Also, PDAs of all sorts have been around for quite a while. It’d be interesting to see a full side-by-side comparison of all of them, plus prices and such.

  3. That video was a ROFLating good time.

    You need to get a TV show Shawn, then we can all talk about how we knew you before you sold out.


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