The B Word

My wife has been working in the elementary school for the past month, assisting a special needs boy. He has a horrible background, and because of it, has the worst social skills I’ve ever seen in a student. At any age. And he’s a second grader.

When Donna started working with him, he was violent, disrespectful, and quite honestly, a little scary. Today, however, he did something that was so funny, I thought I’d share.

Normally, this young man swears like a sailor (no offense, my naval visitors). In the time that he’s been with my wife, however, that’s largely diminished. Today was proof. He’s not having a very good day, which is to say that he’s been challenging to manage. He got mad at Donna for something, but instead of actually swearing at her like he would have a month ago, he yelled, “You’re the ‘B’ word, you know that?!?!”

I know, for most kids, that would be horrible. But for this young man, it was the most restrained he’s ever been. She told me about it at lunch today, and it made me laugh. Sadly, the trial period for Donna is ending on Monday, and the position will go to a union member with the most seniority — but hopefully the stint with Donna will help the new aide. As long as she’s not a B word. 🙂

7 thoughts on “The B Word”

  1. It takes a special person to work with special needs kids and pets. It’s not fun and sometimes the rewards are few and far between.
    You have a wonderful wife, Shawn.

  2. I want to second the sentiments above. People who can do that are rare and special.

    But it was wondering how often your naval gets visitors that made me want to comment.

  3. Tom,

    Be careful what you ask — some answers cannot be untold.

    That said, I’d expect a belly-button post some time in the future. Because it’s my blog. I can do that if I want to. 🙂


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