I Want One of These.

tentacle_02.jpgI don’t know why. I know that I would like to wear it to work. And just one, because two would be silly.

If you want one, just click on the photo, it will take you to an online store. Please buy me one too, because there’s absolutely no way I could convince my wife it was a good idea.

18 thoughts on “I Want One of These.”

  1. The link says something about squid. I think MWT will back me up when he checks in, but that is so totally an octopus tentacle. I want eight of them. My SO will also certainly object.

  2. My sons would wear them all the time; they used to make huge claws of duct tape and wear them around the houe. I, however, have the mom/SO reaction of “Eh, cute, but why?”

  3. My wife did have a similar reaction. It was more bewilderment than concern. My response, I suppose, is that it would be different. I like different. And this is very, very different.

    And I kinda want a duct tape claw. You should have your sons post a how-to. 🙂

  4. Eh, cute, but why

    If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand the answer. Just saying.

    You know what would be funny? Convincing the Speaker of the House to wear one – during the next state of the Union address. Of course, Pelosi doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor. Damn, where’s Tip O’neill when you need him?

  5. I know how this would play out in my house – the husband and I would get sets for both arms, and wear them to some family event (Thanksgivving, Christmas, Birthday Party, whatever), and have a blast. His family would not get it. We’d probably get into slap-fight with them, because it looks like you could and it’d be funny.

    My friends would laugh, and ask if we were getting ready to film amateur hentai. His friends would say “Your wife’s into some weird stuff, isn’t she.”

    Oh, but I want some. Maybe even extras to put on a harness so it’d look like I had 4 or 6 tentacles coming from my upper body.

  6. Leave one hanging out of the trunk on your car…

    Curl it up, put it in a big jar, place in a prominent place in the fridge, suckers out, about eye level – do this the next time you have house guests…

    Explain to your child how if she doesn’t behave, you’ll summon the ‘squid of doom’ – then hide in the bushes and wave it outside her window right before bed time…

    Buy a cat sized pet carrier, leave the tentacle hanging out the door. Pour a bottle of water over your head, and some in the pet carrier, so that you and it are dripping. Go sit in the waiting area of your local veterinarian.

    Open your water well cap, put the tentacle inside. Recap. Call that plumber who tried to screw you on the new well pump…

    Anybody remember that scene in Better Off Dead where Lane Meyers’ (John Cusack) mom is cooking in the background and there’s a pot of waving claws and tentacles on the stove – no explanation, it’s just there? God, I love that movie.

  7. Man… the things I miss by having to untangle a Matlab collision all afternoon. Which didn’t involve any tentacles, alas, but did involve unix ignoring my repeated kill commands.

    I do find it amusing that Tania’s list of social occasions doesn’t include Halloween. 😉

  8. I love that show too, Anne. It’s one of my favorites. I think my favorite segment is “scenes from a hat”, or the props one you mentioned.

    I think I’d personally enjoy the segments when they do voiceovers for old movies. I tend to do that anyway, especially if the TV is muted. My family has varying levels of tolerance with that game…

  9. Hey, Halloween goes to whole ‘nother level in our house. And some of my former workplaces. One boss would call a staff meeting in August so we could plan our Halloween costumes and office decorations.


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