Why Shawn Can’t Play

01-28-08_1510.jpgWe had a meltdown with our school lunch POS system. Yep, POS. It also stands for point of sale. It’s that black monitor/computer job in the photo. (Click to embiggen)

Anyway, hundreds of kids that want to eat, lunch lady frantically trying to figure out who has money in their account, who gets what, who paid for what, how much X costs, etc, etc. I’ve been scrambling to get this Windows 98 based embedded system to work. I’ve cannibalized 2 laptops, and literally taped together a makeshift USB cd drive to get the thing working. I’m almost there. Oh, and a Windows 98 CDROM to install from? Yeah, right. I had to use “questionable” methods to retrieve one. Hopefully it’s not a trojan.

Not fun.

At all.

There is a certain bloggy funness that I’m missing as well, which bums me out immensely. My plans to participate have been HiJacked. *sigh*

UPDATE: Ok, I played a bit. Now my brain is tired. And confused. lol…

8 thoughts on “Why Shawn Can’t Play”

  1. Shawn,

    Yes, we miss you. But if you think we’re going to play this retarded game again just so you can be involved, your out of your skull.

    MWT has won a convert. 3 hours 38 minutes to go.

  2. Yay! Do I get my hearty round of applause? 😀 (Though I think he went off to study for exams after only two posts.)

    Coincidentally, I got in to work today all psyched up to get lots of work done (I’m making bunches of pretty graphs for a poster for an upcoming conference), only to discover that our main server was kaput. When I went over to IT to see if they had a time estimate, I saw bunches of server innards lying out on the table. I took that as a sign to a) not ask, and b) go home. 😉

    I think we need an anti-hijack day after this. Everyone posts a discussion question and it must stay within the original thread and be completely on-topic!

  3. *looks around to see if anyone has noticed that she’s not at the meeting for a few mintues*

    Shawn, you are a gem. You probably kept your brain in better shape by not participating.

    Crikey. Sounds like I better get back there. I hate some meetings. urrgh.

  4. I feel your pain. I spend most of my time as part-time technical support for the local school district using whatever means necessary to keep alive or coax back to life a myriad of Windows 9x machines that were old five years ago. The district is finally getting ready to auction some of this crap off, so if you need spare parts, I can probably hook you up with a truckload when auction time comes around…


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