Get Outside!!!

images1.jpegOk, if you’re on the east coast, press pause on your Tivo, and go outside. Right now. Do it.

About 3 minutes ago, the Lunar Eclipse started, and we won’t have another till 2010. And it will probably be cloudy in 2010. So go watch now! (It’s actually a rather slow event, so you have some time. You can go to the bathroom and stuff. Just don’t tell me about it.)

9 thoughts on “Get Outside!!!”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to it. 🙂 This is the first one my kids have been able to see, we lay on their bedroom floor in the dark and watched it through their skylight. We even got out the binoculars, and got great views.

  2. I want to know if anyone could see the missile shooting down the satellite, which apparently succeeded somewhere over the Pacific.

    Science guy on ABC said something along the lines of “Its not so much a case of us shooting down a satellite as it is shooting a relatively slow missile in a way that will cause the satellite to run into it.”

  3. So they weren’t so much shooting a missile as they were shooting up a target for the satellite to hit. It was just in the shape of a missile. Hmm.

    Saw the eclipse. Had online company in the form of Tom, John the Scientist, and Tania (back fence!). Got accosted by a 5-year-old girl who tried to take me home with her as her new pet (her mother objected), so I even had some real-life company. 😉

  4. I took some real pictures of the event. Real bad, that is. They’re posted. But now I have a personal assignment to learn how to use all the other settings on the digital camera. I want to be able to get good pics of things like the eclipse.

  5. My kids all stayed up to watch. It was SO AWESOME to see them excited about the eclipse.

    Also, my oldest daughter can identify a couple dozen constellations by sight. That’s more than me by far — and I couldn’t be prouder. 🙂


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