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Vew Nideo

The title is a spoonerism. I love me a good spoonerism. 🙂 New review video is up, and ripe for the watching.

Enjoy! (Oh, and here‘s where the video lives on the Linux Journal site — there’s lots more information there, and since I “point” to a link during the video, it really looks best from their site… 😉 )

13 thoughts on “Vew Nideo”

  1. Don’t forget to tell people to go watch it at Oh, and also tell them to comment up a storm.

    Oh wait, I guess I just did 🙂

  2. Shawn, I don’t think yer link is werkin’.

    And, dammmmmm. That thing is HUUUUUGE! I’ve been trying to think of a really clever analogy, but all I can come up with is…’its like driving a really tiny thing with a really bigger thing.’

    How’s that for clever?

  3. Hmm… which link? They both seem to work for me. Maybe yur doin it rong. ;o)

    And yes, it’s really huge. And weighs over 20lbs! And it is like putting a saddle on a mouse. Or shooting a mosquito with a rocket launcher. Or, in fact, driving a really tiny thing with a really bigger thing. :o) hehehe

  4. I left a comment over on YouTube. Great review, I love your accent. And the console totally makes me feel nostalgic for old arcade games.

  5. Wow that thing looks awesome. It’s almost like it was meant to be dropped into a custom enclosure of some kind. My only fear is that if I get one I will set up a computer just for arcade games.

    Then I will want to make an actual arcade machine enclosure for it.

    I’m gonna have to buy this just to try playing virtua cop 2 with a track ball.

  6. A lifetime of bad jokes to be had there. And, it’s legal under state law to have up to 4 oz for personal use. My parents used to grow it in the greenhouse in the back yard. Ah, the memories…

  7. Wow… I didnt’ watch, but ironically, I have pink eye now. (Just got back from the doctor’s office)

    I wonder if I was blinky because of oncoming pinkness. Or if I wasn’t blinky, and you were just messing with me. 🙂


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