Back to Armpit Noises and Fart Jokes

Ok, my blog has been not much fun for me the past few days, so I’m resolving to have fun here. No more politics (my political views, for the record, are reflected here, and there will be some funny political “commercials” coming your way soon). No more metaphorical vegetable stories. No more BOFH type posts.

At least until I feel like doing any of those things again. Because it’s my blog. And I’m fickle. 🙂

So, just so that I cover the gamut of controversial issues, I leave you with irrefutable proof that Stevie Wonder is God:

1) God is Love (1 John 4:8)
2) Love is Blind (Shakespeare, Nietzsche)
3) Stevie Wonder is Blind (He can’t see.)

So Stevie Wonder is God. And I’m his humble preacher, so send your tithes and offerings to me. I’ll be sure he gets them. 😉

6 thoughts on “Back to Armpit Noises and Fart Jokes”

  1. Your offerings are found to be acceptable. Mr. Wonder is currently unavailable to receive them, so I will consume them on his behalf.

    …the things a humble servant must suffer through


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