9 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Get It”

  1. Shawn, it’s not you, buddy! It’s not even what you buy. It’s just what they’re pushing. They’re messing with your head when they tell you the coupons are based on your preferences. This is Marketing 101, How to Sell to the Suckers.

    But we’re not quite the suckers they were expecting! Keep posting Humor posts about their coupons. Their Karma will get them in the end. (inappropriate picture of Karma hovering over their ends)

  2. Is it one of those stores that has a customer club card? I can’t tell from the image (print is too small), but perhaps it’s not related to what you buy on a given trip, but what is most frequently bought on your card.

    Or, maybe it’s just their version of commenting on your haircut…

  3. My guess is that it’s related to a customer card.

    And if it makes you feel any better, because I buy things for my grandmother every week, I get coupons for Depends and other such items.

  4. Also, keep in mind that there are only coupons for brand-name packaged goods… not for fresh/unprocessed food like vegs, fruit, meat, fish, fresh bakery, dairy, etc. If that’s what you usually buy they can’t give you a coupon for that, so maybe they’re randomizing. Or something. 😉

  5. You should show those to the store manager and demand that from now on it prints you coupons for monster truck parts. That should compensate enough to make you happy.

  6. Perhaps the receipts are pre-printed on the back?

    OK, try this… next time you go to the store bring scotch tape and your old receipts. Tape the receipts to the products in question and give someone a discount.

    This should save someone a little extra money plus screw with their coupon tracking system if they somehow realize that EVERY coupon you are given gets used.

    Check the barcode numbers if you have two coupons for the same product. See if they are unique numbers or not. I wonder if they are tracking things down to who was given the coupon level.

  7. Who said the coupons were for you?

    Maybe the software is cued to those strange Amazon “you bought this, maybe you’d like this” algorithms. Or, it’s the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation intruding on the Earth again.

    “Share and enjoy!”


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