5 thoughts on “Cedega versus Crossover Games”

  1. One thing that wasn’t clear in your review was if you could purchase games from these emulator (or not emulator) products, or if you have to already own the games yourself. Very cool review.

    BTW, I would like to see a review about what video capture software and screen capture software you use for Linux.

  2. Russ: No, the purchase of apps doesn’t work directly through either, although with Steam you can purchase and download games from within the windows program (which seems to work well under Wine). I grabbed a bunch of different screen capture programs, I’m not sure which I ended up using. 😉 I think it might have been istanbul.

    MR: Thanks. 🙂

    Mark: I found it was an interesting “review” to make relevant for the given audience. If I would have gone into too much detail, it could have easily been like explaining the use of books to a librarian. Wine is such a standard that has been around for so long, that the real “news” was Cedega having some competition. AND the competition isn’t “evil” in the same way Transgaming is…

    If nothing else, I’ve realized how many factors go into making a video relevant, helpful, fun, and informative. It’s quite a difficult cocktail to mix. 🙂

  3. @Shawn: Fair enough. This was an interesting bit of news to hear about but it didn’t really follow the format you’ve been establishing with your other reviews. Perhaps in the future when you want to announce something like this you could call it something different to help clue your viewers in that it’s not your “standard” review.


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