Amanda at the Talent Show

Last night was a talent show in our district for all kids between the 5th and 12th grade. That’s a huge age bracket, but it didn’t stop my 11 year old 5th grader from entering. I’m biased to a degree that almost negates the validity of my comments, BUT she was awesome. 🙂 Also important to note, is that almost every other singer in the competition sang with the regular artist’s CD, and effectually “sang along with the radio version.” That’s not to downplay anyone’s performance, just to express how proud of Amanda I am for singing to the music-only version of the song. See for yourself Amanda singing Krystal Meyers’ “Beauty of Grace”, and let her know in the comment section whatcha think:

UPDATE: If the youtube video above is blocked, try going here instead…

33 thoughts on “Amanda at the Talent Show”

  1. Amanda you sounded great!!!!! Wish I could have been there to hear it in person!!! You have such a great voice!!! I am very proud of you!!! Love Aunt Tia

  2. Amanda,
    You might not remeber me but when you were little I used to babysit you. You did such a great job and have grown into a beautiful young lady. Wow, what a wonderful job! Donna and Shawn you are so blessed to have such a talented daughter.
    God Bless!

  3. What a great performance! You sang the song so well, especially in front of so many people. Sorry to have missed up, but thanks to your teckie dad we got to see it anyway.

    – Josh

  4. that is my little sister!!!
    amanda i am so proud of you, i wish i could have been there to watch you rock!! you rock my socks for sure!!
    i love and miss you and i will be home in 6 days!!! cant wait

  5. Do your children know you blog about them? I can just picture embarrassed kids saying Daaaaaaaaad why don’t blog about celebrities like everyone else?

    I’m just imagining what I would have said as a kid though.

  6. Wonderful job, Amanda. How brave of you to sing so boldly before so many people. I am proud of you!

    Mrs. Ackerman

  7. WOW!! That’s all I have to say…you did an amazing job!! That must have taken a lot of courage to sing in front of all your classmates!! You have a beautiful voice and are growing up so quickly!! Great job!!

  8. Amanda,

    From what I could see on the video, you looked like you were really into that song, which gives you stage presence that today’s stars could only hope to exhibit.

    Excellent job!

  9. Wow! What happened to that little girl I once knew?! She is all grown up!

    Amanda – you did a really fantastic job singing that song and you have a beautiful voice. Keep on singing and glorifying God with that voice!

    Shawn & Donna – you have a lovely daughter and every reason to be proud! She shows confidence and composure beyond her years.

    On another note: Love you all, miss ya & praying for ya! – Robin Halsted

  10. Amanda,

    I could not believe that was you singing on that stage. I was so excited and I felt adrenaline rushing through me when you sang. You were awesome, and you totally blew the crowd away! 🙂

    Keep on singing! > Kari

  11. Great job, Amanda! I’m very proud of you. I never knew the quiet girl in the front row had such a big voice. I wish I could have seen it live.

  12. Hey Amanda, my computer wouldn’t load the show. but i was there and saw you. you were so! lol I love you and i just wanted to say you are brave. braver than i’ll ever be.i could never do that by myself. i love you like a sister

    love always, kelsie


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