The Death of Memes

Henceforth, all memes shall die here. I’m all about playing silly Internet games, but “tagging” is much like chain mail, and people don’t seem to take kindly to such things.

SO, that means all memes shall be officially voluntary, and never to be pressured in any regard whatsoever. Any previous, “tagging” shall be redacted, and future taggers will be flogged. Well, actually the taggers I don’t really mind, but the right to flog me is bequeathed on anyone I might tag in the future.

But still, I retain my right to respond to any and all memes I desire, because I often find such silliness fun. So there.

8 thoughts on “The Death of Memes”

  1. Thankfully, I refused to play by the rules anyway, so nothing lost…Except the whole honey/anthill thing, but I’m sure there will be good occasion to trot that out later.

  2. Thank God. While I like participating in Internet Memes when the time allows, I think you all used up my friends to whom I could tag. Whew. As I was walking in the rain to get into my office building, I wasn’t concerned I had left my umbrella at home, nor that I was getting wet, nor that my office is closing. No. I was concerned out of my blog list to whom I could send a meme for completion as not to break the chain.

    The stress, it kills me.


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