Just Shoot Me

Put the gun down, I was talking about video cameras… I put up a short article about the Penguicon over at Linux Journal, and the video is painful to my ego. I really should consider investing in something with better audio recording ability, and better low-light performance.

Or maybe I could get an implant into my eyeball that digitizes everything I see in real time… I could call it Shawncam, and get shawncam.com or something. I could put a patch over my camera eye for those “private moments” that I don’t want y’all to see. (Like picking my nose in the mirror. What were you thinking?)

It’s too bad we’re spending our incentive money on a new fridge…

3 thoughts on “Just Shoot Me”

  1. I don’t know what anyone else was thinking of, but I assumed you were talking about what goes on at Kenny’s Clam Bar and QuickieLube on Thursday nights…

    Why not just put the camera on your LJ expense account? I mean, that’s what it’s there for…Wait, you do have an expense account, don’t you?

    Oh crud, I wasn’t supposed to tell you about that, was I?

  2. The problem with ShawnCam is that we want to see you, not just what you’re looking at. I guess you could record your cool clothes reports while looking in the mirror, but that seems backwards, to me. (ducks and runs)

    Since you’re planning on getting a fridge, you need to make sure the light goes out, at least for the first few weeks. If it stays on, it can create a thermal imbalance which would affect the efficiency. You need a camera of some kind to put in the refridgerator to make sure the light goes out…


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