The Dumb Gubmint Well, this week is payday. That’s normally a great thing, but this week is a bit depressing. See, my awesome job at Linux Journal pays me (again, awesome), but the amount I get from LJ, plus the amount I get from the school pushes me into a new tax bracket. The precise tax bracket is one I refer to as, “Rape and pillage the citizen”. A full half of my income from Linux Journal is going to our lovely government. Why the gubmint decided this level of gouging was required is quite frankly beyond my comprehension, but they’re not exactly a cooperative bunch when it comes to “talking about things reasonably”. So yeah, this paycheck (where I had my deductions adjusted to compensate for the increased taxation) will be painful. Ugh.

5 thoughts on “The Dumb Gubmint”

  1. Well, the real issue is that my “unexpected” income has pushed me into a new tax bracket, so the amount that has been deducted from my school paycheck thus far is inadequate for what I’ll owe. In order to make up that amount, I have to save like crazy.

    Zolpidem Purchase It will balance out a bit next year, but only in that more money will be taken out of my school paycheck due to the new income. So part of that half of the Linux Journal check is actually covering the increased tax percentage in the school paycheck. It’s all weird, and makes me happy I have a friend that is an accountant. 😀

  2. Once I worked an inordinate amount of overtime and got socked with those kind of taxes (back in the early 90s). That paycheck, which should have been a joy turned into a “Who is this FICA, and why are they getting all my money!” moment. Although, I did get most of it back after filing. One of the last years I got anything back, now that I think about it.

  3. The gubmint’s not dumb. They’re getting large quantities of money without having to do anything for it. Sounds pretty smart to me. Like highway robbery, but smart.



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