Fireflies and Stars

I’m at Bair Lake Bible Camp this entire week, and I’m actually quite a bit busier than I thought. I’ve been able to keep up with Linux Journal stuff, albeit a day later than I’d like on most things, but blogging here has suffered. A big reason is that wifi is spotty from my room.

Last night I was walking around the campus after dark. Something about the location here in southern Michigan creates a Utopia for fireflies. I think that’s awesome. Last night was particularly stunning, because while I looked over the enormous field of firefly covered clover/grass, the lake behind it was a glass mirror reflecting the stars from above. It was awe inspiring.

Then a mosquito bit me on the leg and ruined the whole thing. Stupid nature. 😀

1 thought on “Fireflies and Stars”

  1. I’d show you my awful spider bites (you know it’s bad when the nurses at work go “OMGWTF happened to your hip?!”), but you don’t need to see that.

    Glad you’re having fun.


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