24 thoughts on “Take THAT Silly Tall Desk”

  1. You can get some nice caster wheels at your local hardware store that you could put on the bottom of your wood frame to restore mobility to your newly embiggened chair assembly thingy. Of course, they’d make it taller still – you’d have to account for that.

    Maybe if you painted the box blue, to match your chair? 😉

  2. That may technically count as a mashup, bpx. I mean, he started with a chair (element 1) and added some wood (element 2) and then some duct tape (element 3). Now he can sit, sit high, not wobble, and if an intruder breaks in he’s got a ready-made attack-and-restrain system: whack the baddie on the head with the wood then bind said baddie to the chair with duct tape until the cops arrive.

  3. Candie: At full biggification, the chair is still to short for my mutant desk. And I’m cheap.

    Jeri: You know, I have 5 unused caster wheels now… But putting wheels on this would be silly. I mean, that’d just look dumb. 😉

    Crystal: I’m relying on the “freak out the intruders” method. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

    MWT: I expect her to roll her eyes, but yes. She’s teh hawesome.

  4. Is getting a new desk out of the question?

    How big is this desk, could James (my husband for those who don’t know)use some of his “tools” to cut the legs off? He’s got some amazing stuff out there in the garage.

  5. I see you didn’t go through with a full commitment and screw the legs of the chair into the wood.

    Anyways, the better solution is probably to buy a higher chair. I think that having a char that doesn’t roll would be more annoying than a short one.

  6. Damn it! Code_Bleu said it before I could.

    Since the chair you’re using doesn’t have arms, what about a drafting table chair? They go much higher than your typical desk chair.

  7. So where did you get the desk praytell? You’re a tall fellow? Was the Jolly Green Giant downsizing and liquidating assets or something?

    I’ve never seen a desk that was THAT tall.


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