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7 thoughts on “Tigger Mid-treatment”

  1. I am wondering if it is a food allergy of some sort…skin irritations and funky smell. My dad’s dog has something that is similar looking relative to the above posted picture.

  2. He has a stinky stink about him, and in some places his skin is turning black. The open sores were completely hidden by his fur, it was only when bathing they showed up.

    The vet said things like “MRSA”, which quite frankly creeps me out.

  3. Yeah you might want to get super friendly with hand sanitizer and Lysol for a while. Who knows what could be causing that and if it can spread to da humins.

  4. I am certainly no expert in this realm, but isn’t MSRA usually associated with humans? Perhaps MSRA-like symptoms may be a more appropriate description (Don’t doctors and veterinarians realize that is is alright to say they don’t know from time to time?). While interspecies transmission of disease is not, based on my limited reading, overly common, you probably do not want to take undue risk when physically handling Tigger.

    Yesterday my mom called to let me know that my sister’s Jack Russel Terrier, Merry, had met an untimely demise. Obviously my sister and brother-in-law are quite torn up by this cruel turn of events.

    I personally am the proud father (yeah they are like my kids) of two very spoiled Maltese. I am not sure what I would do if one of my boys were to be afflicted with some unknown malady. So, hang in there, man.


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