Listen To My Dulcet Tones, and Win Stuff

You know those videos I do all the time, teaching folks how to do stuff with Linux? Well, humor me and pretend you do. Anyway, this week Linux Journal is giving stuff away. And not a limited amount of stuff either. Everyone that plays can win. You can play. You can win. Watch this video for details, and if you don’t want to win, then you don’t have to play. See how easy I make it for you?

That thing over my shoulder is a speaker to our surround sound system.  No, not that.  That one is a clock, I meant the other shoulder.
Just click the thumbnail to go to the video contest page

Go now! Tell all your friends! Have your dog blog about it! Tweet it! Dent it! Tell your neighbors with smoke signals. (Be careful with that last one though, fire is dangerous, and this blog isn’t insured)

3 thoughts on “Listen To My Dulcet Tones, and Win Stuff”

  1. do you have to have ubuntu to update it, also do you have to have a clue what it is to have it, I mean could I have it and not know? It feels like I don’t have it, maybe I got vacinated against it or something. Also I think I missed day 1 so I guess I’d be a few letters short on Friday. I could use a new computer more than an online subscription so if you have a contest for that please give me a heads up so I don’t miss the first day.
    Morning comes early—Good night.


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