The Construction of an Office

I normally do work involving clicking and typing, but soon (I hope), I’ll be doing work that involves hammering and sawing. And likely grunting and belching. Also probably whining and thumb smashing, but we’ll ignore that bit for now.

Basically, I’m extending a wall from our walk-thru closet about 3 feet into our living room. Then I’ll be chopping the expanded closet into a small closet and my office. This only gives me about 49 square feet of room (7×7) for an office, but I think it will be sufficient. Basically I’ll have my own cubical at home. šŸ™‚

I think it will be fairly easy as far as renovations go, and since I’m a total n00b with such things — it’s probably a good project to start with. PLUS, I’ll be able to click and type more efficiently, because I’ll have an office space of my own. I’m *very* excited, and will try to take photos of my progress. Feel free to laugh at me along the way. šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Construction of an Office”

  1. Just one tip from me: Non load-bearing studs are fair game…just lop ’em off. Pipes and conduits tend to be less forgiving.

    Yay Pics! (And yes, if you chop through a water pipe, I fully expect you to reach for the camera BEFORE you go looking for the shutoff valve.)


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