6 thoughts on “Truckcam – Droid Edition”

  1. Hey, that was pretty good audio considering the mic is on the opposite side from the camera. Not all that much snow, either, considering your location. I must admit that our 1.5 inch accumulation is about gone thanks to above freezing temps yesterday.

    Anyway, very inspiring! Maybe I’ll give video blogging a try one of these days soon, too.

    Oh, and one more thought: last night I read your short piece about using USB audio if your audio hardware is not supported by your Linux distro. Great tip! I have done that several times on two different laptops with good success, especially where I needed audio in/out for my Ham Radio programs. Our new desktop has a Creative card that is not supported by ALSA, but I got it working using OSS thanks to some help from the Ubuntu Forums. Wouldn’t you know, I can’t get OSS to recognize my USB headset!


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