Thankfulness: A Full Time Job

I know none of you have helped us looking for our gratitude as motivation. I know you’ve all given gifts, emails, encouragement, kind thoughts, and a million other things purely because you’re wonderful people. I think that is the reason I want to track everyone down and blubber over them with thankfulness. I apologize for the virtual snot and tears on your shoulder.

I also know none of you are offended or put off that we’ve been largely silent as unprecedented physical and emotional needs have been filled beyond capacity. I know (because so many of you have told me) that you don’t want me to think about relaying our gratitude, expressing our thanks, or worrying about slighting someone in their well-deserved pat on the back. And again, it’s because you are responding in that way I feel even more compelled to do so! For the time being, I will accept your advice though. I get to spend the rest of my life returning kindness and caring — and even though I doubt I’ll be able to tip that balance back to even, that’s sort of the point of it. I get it. Part of being so humbled by experiences like this is allowing (or even forcing) yourself to actually be humble. I can’t make this up to everyone. So my goal is to trudge forward with my family, and try to be the person you’ve all cared enough to support. Please know that my gratitude is such that I can’t find the way to express it. And I’m a writer, words are sorta my thing. 🙂

I’ll let Sheldon Cooper help me struggle through how to show gratitude…

12 thoughts on “Thankfulness: A Full Time Job”

  1. Maybe this year, if your going to Ohio Linuxfest, we can actually catch up this year and chat! Wanted to last year but you were really busy with the keynote prep and whatnot. Hope to see you there this year!

  2. although I never found myself in such a perilous situation, it is good to know that people are indeed willing to help as much as they can.

    and the proof that you’re a good citizen is measured in the extreme ammount of stuff that is being given to your family, all that without anything in return.

    were you a hermit in your community, its response would be a lot less.

    so, be proud to be a well known, do good and good things will come to you!

  3. WooHoo! Great clip. I’m never sure whether I identify more with Sheldon or Leonard. I would say Leonard, but my wife would say Sheldon….

    Stay strong!

  4. We understand and are glad since we couldn’t be there we could help in some way.

    Believe me, being a pay it forward kinda gal myself (who’s recovering from a recent rough patch) thanking the ones that helped you through never seems enough.

  5. LOL@Leonard!!!

    But seriously, dude. Shucks. You don’t have to thank us. It’s nice, don’t get us wrong, but you don’t. Just consider it like … humanity’s nice side coming out for once.

    The Viking (Dr Smokey, smoke tester for Open Cobalt)

  6. I am SO GLAD that I missed that episode so I could see it for the first time here! Hope you and the ladies are getting better every day.

  7. During this whole affair, what with so many of us helping you and your family however we can, I have been constantly reminded of the real meaning of one word: Ubuntu. What affects one of us, affects all of us. I am what I am because of who we all are.

    Peace, and long life.


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