Some Visuals of the House

Here is our burned house. Don’t let the outside fool you — it’s totaled. If anyone would want to preserve it, it would be the insurance company, and even they agree demolition is the only option. Also, the contents are a total loss. Here’s what it looks like though: The house we’re putting up in its place will be bigger, and sport a half basement. Here’s the floorplan:

Click on floorplan to embiggenate

The basement will only be rough plumbed, and we’ll finish it in the future. We plan to eventually have a kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom down there, along with a media center. Since this house will cost about $50K-$60K more than insurance will pay, we’re going to be scrimping everywhere we can…

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone! Hope you’re having a great day. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Some Visuals of the House”

  1. If they have to pull new electrical wiring you might as well get a nice home network out of it.

    It would be cheap during construction to pull Cat-6 and multi mode fiber to every room and put up plywood for a mini wall mount rack in the basement. Future proof the crap out of it since it won’t cost but $1000 for materials and you know your gonna use it.

  2. That’s a pretty nice floor plan!! I like the dedicated office in the floor plan! Can I use that as my floor plan for my new office I want to build?

    Cheap Ambien From India I hope you can use the existing foundation. Sometimes when you have fire damage, the heat ruins it, but I had a friend luck out and was able to re-use his foundation when his house burned down. Good Luck Shawn!


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