My Day, Crud Edition

I didn’t throw up until 1:30PM, so that was good. Things were actually quite nice until the afternoon, in fact. I had a meeting, drank some coffee, ate some lunch; it was pretty nice. Then, for some odd reason, I began violently throwing up. It was truly a vomit fest, and just as gross as it sounds. With chunks. (And later without…)

Anyway, after school, we had to retake our Christmas photo, because in the last sitting, yours truly towered over the family like a middle aged totem pole. It looked silly. So, back to the scenic spot for our photo. It turned out nice, and if I hadn’t told you, you’d never know I’d thrown up shortly before the photo was taken:


After a dozen takes, we ended up with that charming shot you see above. Standing up that 12th time, however, proved to be more than I could handle, and I took a lovely little ride down the riverbank. I managed to catch myself before a full fledged swim was required, but it sure didn’t make my day any better. You’ll notice the snowy scenery? Yeah, that’s real. Real cold.


How was your day?

12 thoughts on “My Day, Crud Edition”

  1. Lovely picture, Shawn. As Steve said, looks like it was worth the effort.

    Sudden vomiting and in copious amounts has always meant food poisoning in my world. (Not that I went to a doctor to confirm it or anything.) Essentially, I read it as the stomach saying “Ew! Get that stuff outta me! Blech, blech, blech!”
    I am not a doc, however, and I don’t play one on TV either.

  2. Anne: For lunch, I had eaten a reheated Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s that sat in the car overnight. I assumed it was fine, because it was really cold overnight. That morning, my kids also sat on it (still in the bag), but I figured I was OK.

    Perhaps I should have passed on it’s greasy goodness…

  3. Janiece: The large pooch is a mutt. Half Australian Sheppard, half Chow. He was handicapped when we got him, and we nursed him back to health. Tigger is the awesomest dog evar. The teeny tiny one you probably didn’t even see (in the green and white sweater) is the brand new addition to our family. He’s a silky terrier. We’re not quite friends yet, because he doesn’t have toilet issues quite down pat.

  4. Wow, there is a tiny dog in your youngest’s arms! Boogie-Dog the Giant Schnauzer would consider that a mid-day snack.

    Not really. He’s actually scared of small dogs. But for some reason, considers all golden retrievers his very best friends, whether they’re friendly or not. He’s not very bright…

  5. Great picture, you all look super – and not at all cold. I hope the little ones had snow pants on under the blanket???

    I didn’t see the tiny dog until you mentioned him either. Our rescue mutt – we’ve had him about 8 months – has just decided to potty inside in the last month and I’m ready to throw up my hands and lock him out. Argh!

    Hope you feel better!

  6. Well, my day was better than yours, obviously, but I didn’t get any cool pictures like you – so I think you’re ahead, violent vomiting aside. But seriously, Dude, you ate a leftover cheeseburger-like object (I refuse to call McDonalds food Burgers, refuse) that had been left in the backseat overnight and sat on by a child – throw in half a can of stale beer left on the coffee table all night with a cigarette butt in it and you’d be a regular Navy Sailor.

    Beautiful family, Shawn.

    And just for the record, it was -15 here today, even the dog was wearing her boots (because it is not actually possible for her to lift three legs off the ground at the same time). Anyway, maybe that will make you feel warmer.

  7. Do you heat your home at least partially with wood, Jim? Days like that just make me think of a nice hot woodstove… Nothing warms quite like wood.

    Now I’m all nostalgic for a woodstove. Sorry about the temp though, especially if you had to do much outside. -15 should be seen but not felt.

    When I was in college at Michigan Tech, they canceled classes for the first time in 20 years, because the windchill was -78. Of course, they canceled class at noon, right after I trudged over to my 10 O’Clock class, but still, it’s pretty cool. Very cool even.

  8. Oops, sorry, meant to check back and forgot.

    We have two wood stoves, and a wood fireplace, and a gas fire place – but usually I just heat with the gas furnace. Love the smell of a wood fire.


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