Star Trek Mug!!!

My family drove to a beautiful home on the shore of Lake Huron today for lunch. Thankfully, the home is owned by friends (actually, my former boss — he retired), and they were expecting us. When we arrived, they had gifts for the family, and the coffee mug below is one that I think he’s had for years, but wanted to give me because he thought I would appreciate it. He was correct. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Star Trek Mug!!!”

  1. Wow. I think that may beat the geeky gifts I got my husband this year.

    Therefore I must never show him this, or else I’m going to end up having to buy him the Millennium Falcon legos set next year for Christmas.

    And we so don’t have anywhere to put that right now.

  2. Shawn – ooh. John would so want one. And he would take it to work, proud and excited, and his co-workers would not get it. 🙁

    AWESOME Mug. 🙂

    Michelle – the Millennium Falcon set is cool. I mean – Minifig Chewbacca???!! Yeah!!

  3. I can just imagine Kirk beaming down from the transporter mug to meet up with some under clothed green hottie. It must be a safe mission they are on since they don’t have anyone in a red shirt with them.

  4. I have one of those! I bought it the first year Star Trek was at the Smithsonian (1993, I think?). My husband and I giggled every time we put coffee in it, and the boys disappeared. (We were, obviously, really geeky.) I met James Doohan that year, and told him (what an ass I am) that he really looked like Scotty. One of my eternal shame stories…

    Older, wiser — still geeky. Still giggle at the mug, too!

    AND we got a cardboard cutout of Whorf the same year. We trot him out every December and put a Santa suit on him.

    Peaceful and pleasant…

  5. WEEEE!!!! Michelle’s geekier than I am, neener neener neener…

    (Although, it didn’t look right, so I googled it — and it’s such a common mispelling, that even google let me down when I posted… grrr)

    Should computers KNOW how to spell Star Trek characters? I mean really, these things should be in spell check by default.

    [Shawn wanders off stage, ashamed and slightly amused]

  6. Shawn,

    Lets just say that Deep Space 9 is one of my favorite shows ever… AND, when we watched DS9 and TNG with my grandmother, we had to have the subtitles on, since her hearing is less than stellar.

    Amusing side note? While we were going through all 7 seasons of DS9, my grandmother explained one morning that she’d been up the night before worrying about Odo.

    At least I come by it honestly.

  7. I haven’t watched DS9 past midway season 1. I have all 7 seasons, but I guess I was put off by the abundance of politics, versus cool aliens and blowing stuff up. I was also a bit younger and less mature, so maybe it’s time to start watching DS9 again.

    It’s also possible it “picks up” later on. If I judged TNG by the first season alone, it wouldn’t be nearly as dear to me…

  8. There is a lot of politics in DS9. There’s also a lot of religious tolerance themes. And it is a much darker show than TNG. And it’s far more serial than episodic starting around Season 3. But in many ways it’s also funnier.

    But there’s plenty ‘o blowin’ stuff up starting Season 3 (that’s when they get the Defiant, which is my favorite ship EVER) and the last three seasons are full of busting stuff up.

    Seasons 1 and 2 are really character and background development, and for the most part can be watched out of order. Season 3 is where the story takes off, and it becomes significantly different from TNG. IMO anyway. The major difference? They’re stuck there, so they have to deal with the situations they create, either purposely or accidentally.

    Plus? Avery Brooks totally kicks butt. As does Terry Farrell. (But Garak is my favorite character) Also, I think Michael Dorn really shines in DS9, and his character becomes far more complex than it ever was in TNG.

    Now I’m all but jumping up and down in my seat impatiently waiting for you to start watching DS9!

    Disclaimer: I actively dislike seasons 1 & 2 of TNG–mostly because I strongly dislike Riker. (shudder) So take that into consideration.

    OK. I’m shutting up now. Really.

  9. John — a set of 4? I’m terribly jealous. I have a complete set of Garfield coffee mugs (I’m certain coffee and tea tastes better from them), but just the one Star Trek mug. And it has a small chip in it.

  10. I found online there are alot of them, one was selling on Ebay for 3.99 and had no bidders. wonder what will be out after the new movie May 8th 2009 LOL!!!!


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