19 thoughts on “More Spice”

  1. I. Am. So. Sorry.

    Oh Donna, I had no idea this would effect you. I just wondered for a moment if my husband would try to get me to do this and realized that yes, of course he would. We have two peas in a pod, good to know. 😀

    You get the honorary title of The Cinnamon Rock Starlett.

    You guys are crazy.

    Lovez it.

  2. Michelle: For some reason, the little “Photo Booth” video recording thing in OSX takes backwards video. I’m really not normally that backwards. Well, maybe I am, but still… 😉

    Janiece: Oh yeah, I realize how lucky I am. Indeed. And Donna is hawsome fer sure.

  3. Donna – you are fabulous. Such a good sport, and yes, we do need some better hobbies. Like prank ordering pizzas or something else equally juvenile.

  4. Coughing out a cloud of cinnamon was the best moment. You do realize that the children are now scarred for life. Save your money. There’s no amount of therapy that’ll help them now.

  5. I haven’t seen Donna before, I don’t think. Lovely lady.

    The cough cloud was hilarious. Thanks, Donna, for allowing your idiot husband to take video of you doing something silly just for the amusement of us hobbyless geeks. (And of course I mean idiot with complete affection.)

  6. This is great fun to watch. I am not a fan of cinnamon.. other than highly diluted with sugar in cinnamon rolls or on donuts… so I probably wouldn’t be able to even get it all into my mouth.

    I second the question (was it Kate?) — do you still like cinnamon now?

  7. Thank you, both. This was the first place I went after I got my high-speed back. I’ve been waiting to see Shawn, and got the bonus of seeing Donna as well.

    Funny-est-ness-ish! (try to say that correctly)

  8. Shawn,

    Sorry to spam your board. You logged off IM. I’m in Anchorage managing the Iditarod race tracking site. Web site is running on 4 servers, one ours 3 plus backups right now. We’re not sure the expected load but I made sure to run at least double what the official site capacity has just in case.

    http://race.ionearth.com/iditarod/ is the web tracker which is linked to from the front page of http://iditarod.com/. Actually it will bounce you back to Iditarod.com which will ask you to register your email, then return you to the tracking site.

    I’ve seen the my website on CNN, NBC, Forbes, NPR… everywhere and I have to say it’s a bit surreal to see something on TV that I currently have opened in Notepad.

    I have my phone number up in IM. Call me next time you logon.


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