Tofu: The Other, Other, OTHER White Meat

Yes, I like to eat this stuff plain.  But only *real* tofu, not that weird, jiggly Silken stuff.  Bleh.In my attempt to de-fattify myself, I find that cooking is a must. You see, it’s just too easy to buy fast food. And, it’s like, fast and stuff. When I cook, I tend to cook vegan, or at least very vegetarian. I think it takes a REALLY good cook to make something delicious when you don’t have meat as a flavoring ingredient. Plus, veggies are absurdly expensive to buy fresh, and if you add meat to the budget, well, the restaurant starts to look reasonably priced…

Yesterday we bought tofu. I really love tofu. I can eat hunks of tofu cold, and think it’s a great snack. (My family vehemently disagrees with me, but whatever) Seriously though, tofu is often thought of as a way to cram protein into a vegetarian dish — honestly, I just think it’s cool how versatile it is. I mean really, it’s a blank slate flavor-wise. That means you can make it taste any way you like. Heck, I’ve even seen people cook tofu in lard, so it takes like meat, but I’ve never really understood such a procedure. (Just buy meat!)

Anyway, this tofu is going into a huge pot of miso soup. So yes, it’s basically soybeans in soybean soup. But I’ve added veggies, so it’s not all soybeans. πŸ™‚ I make miso soup with spinach instead of wakame, because my family DOES NOT like seaweed. Oh well, they eat tofu. I suppose I can’t complain!

6 thoughts on “Tofu: The Other, Other, OTHER White Meat”

  1. I like the blank slate thing about tofu. It always tastes like what ever you cook it in. I would buy it more but my wife actually dry heaves when she sees me eat it.

  2. I am very much with you, Shawn. I made a vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving that tasted just like the real thing, except slightly nuttier, thanks to the silken tofu. I’ve even taken extra firm tofu (after freezing and thawing it first to create a chewier texture), dredged it in flour, plain soy/rice/almond milk and breadcrumbs, then fried it up in canola oil. So very yummy!

  3. Look, I like some tofu dishes. And it is an amazing product, which you can cook and process in different ways to change the textures, depending on what kind of tofu you’re starting with.

    But don’t claim that it’s any kind of (other)^n white meat. (grin) It just ain’t.

    Dr. Phil

  4. I heave when I see my wife eating meat. lol. I am just now getting into tofu even though I’ve been a strict vegetarian for many, many years. I would love to read some very simple recipes using tofu. That is if anyone wants to share.


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