Computer Generated Coupon Problems

Our local grocery store has a machine that prints coupons for you as you check out. It bases the particular coupons on the things you buy, and has a fairly good track record of choosing appropriate products. I just went to the store to pick something up for dinner for the kids. Our purchases were:

  • (1) Bottle of sparkling grape juice. (The kids like to pretend its wine)
  • (2) Bags of Doritos (they’re on sale buy one get one)
  • (3) Kid Cuisine TV dinners.

And this is the coupon that printed out for me:


Don’t get me wrong, $2.00 off seems like a good deal and all, but I find the demographics a bit off…

6 thoughts on “Computer Generated Coupon Problems”

  1. Weird convergence, I was just contemplating something similar, but not as out there. This evening, I purchased

    1) .25 lbs brown deli turkey
    2) 1 slice baby swiss cheese
    3) 1 croissant
    4) 1 Squirt brand beverage
    5) 1 bag Lays Kettle BBQ Chips

    My printed out coupons – 1 free bag salad almonds and $1 Cotonelle TP. I don’t see the connections. I just don’t.

    Maybe you could use the tampons for some science experiments?


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