Exercise That Is Fun

OK, I hate exercise. I really really do.

I'll give you a hint, I'm not the physically fit trainer on the left.

I would like some suggestions for exercise that is fun. Something that I might not consider exercise, but rather something fun to do.

No, not that. Sicko.

Here’s a bit about the requirements:

1. I don’t like being outside when it’s cold.

2. It’s always cold here.

3. I have no exercise machinery, nor do I plan to buy any.

4. I enjoy being lazy, but not wasting time. Yes, there is a difference.

5. The first one of you to suggest Richard Simmons videos will get such a pinch.

6. The closest racquetball court is a 40 minute drive, one way.

7. I can’t swim. Well, maybe if being pursued by a shark, but for the most part I don’t swim.

8. I’m the type of person they were targeting with those “electric zapping belt” products from a few years back. If I’d had disposable income at that point, I’d own one.

9. I have pretty severe asthma.

10. I really hate exercising. Really.


16 thoughts on “Exercise That Is Fun”

  1. I keep telling you, but a heavy bag. I have the kind that stands on a water-filled plastic base. Century makes the best ones.

    If you want to spend a little more money, there’s the one with a human face and torso. 😀

    Get wrist wraps, though, you’ll kill your wrist with bad form if you don’t keep them locked. I’ve been fighting off and on for 25 years and I still use them.

  2. Well, if hiking isn’t in the cards, locate a toddler you can adopt. Every time a baby starts walking in this house, Donald loses 20+ lbs. It must be a guy thing.

    Otherwise, mall walking. Because I could totally see you buying a pretzel at Aunt Annie’s every time you hit that part of the food court. 😀

  3. Have your daughters make an obstical course in your house (outside if it’s summer) and have your try it out often. Fun for them and FUN for you.
    If you don’t like it , know I was tryin to think of something to fit your criteria


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