I didn’t really like the idea of Ficlets when I first read about them on John Scalzi’s blog. Basically, you write a VERY short story, and others can add on the end (or beginning) of it, and make a big lego-like story. I thought it was odd, and didn’t write a ficlet for a long … Read more

Query Accepted!

It’s very possible the editors at Linux Journal will read this post, and validate their concerns that I’m not a professional writer. I guess that’s OK, because I certainly never claimed to be so. 🙂 A few weeks ago, I sent a query letter to Linux Journal regarding an article I’d like to write for … Read more

Scalzi Book Protest

John Scalzi recently did a “high priced” commercial for his book, The Android’s Dream. I laughed really hard, and thought I’d do him the favor of producing one for his upcoming book, The Last Colony. [flv: 400 300] UPDATE: For those of you unfamiliar with John’s work, the video will make very little sense…

How sweet she is…

How sweet is my wife you ask? (Ok, you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway) I’ve been talking to Donna about writing professionally for quite some time. Ok, more than “quite some time” — it’s been more like the entire 13 years I’ve known her. I always go on about how I’d like to … Read more

Lydia, being all grown up

John Scalzi has a weekend assignment over at his By the Way AOL journal. The assignment is to post about something silly you or one of your children did when they were younger. So, with Lydia’s permission, I’ve posted one of her early “all by myself” trips to the potty…