8 thoughts on “DNA Testing”

  1. My kids are ultra-geeks too, isn’t it fun?

    I just got my youngest a used powerbook G4, the a high-end 12″ version, it looks like a baby of my MBP. He has been absolutely glued to it. He’s working on learning to create animations.

    The oldest is up for a new used Mac too, at Christmas – although not FOR Christmas – his ancient PC desktop is barely functional and riddled with spyware. I’m watching ebay and craigslist. 🙂

  2. Jeri: The smaller Apple computer is actually the high end G4 12″ Powerbook, and the larger is my MBP. 🙂 Great minds think alike. The little one in the middle is the super cool EeePC, which you may be seeing reviewed soon on the Linux Journal website. 🙂

    Janiece: Ugh, I know. They boys already call my 10 year old…

  3. My first thought was world of warcraft runs in linux now. They must be raiding the mines outside Goldshire!

    Maybe they are just myspacing about their facebook accounts while linking youtube video’s.


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