With all the different spin offs from Ubuntu Linux, I thought I’d spin my own version, and make it available to everyone. My version is a little different (aren’t they all?) — in that it will only work for me. That’s right, it’s “Not-Your-Buntu.” Since it’s Linux, and since I didn’t think there were enough … Read more

Incoming Subspace Signal

OK, I’m waaaay too proud of this ringtone, but I made it from television show clips, and think it is awesome. It’s an MP3 (Razr Compatible) file of the Enterprise computer from TNG saying, “Incoming subspace signal…” I’ve gotten so many comments from people about it, that I wanted to put it here for everyone … Read more

What if C-A-T really spelled, Dog?

Remember the original Revenge of the Nerds? It was an absurd 80’s movie. Some may say cult classic, some might say lame — some might say both. Anyway, there’s one line in the end, when Ogre joins the nerds, in which a drug induced nerd says, “What if along with infinite bigness, is infinite smallness?” … Read more

My Vista Experience

Well, I got a Windows Vista install DVD at a conference I was just at. I tried to install it, using MICROSOFT’s own Virtual PC on my Apple laptop. I did have to do some odd tweaking to get it to begin the install, but I thought I was on my way to Vista Preview … Read more