These Bookmarks Are Priceless

Really. They’re not for sale. This particular one was made by a 6th grader. She was one of the winners of the “design a bookmark” contest here at the school library. She’s also my daughter, which is awesome for many reasons. (No, Donna and I were not judges in the contest.) The winning bookmarks, of … Read more

Doing The Right Thing

It often sucks, quite frankly. Vacation is over, and tomorrow, all the staff and students will be bounding in the doors ready to tackle this new year with vim and vigor. (As opposed to emacs and vigor? Nevermind, nerd joke.) The problem with that is Saturday night, when I went home for the evening around … Read more

Washing Out Your Brain

Have you ever heard of “Neti Pots” ? Apparently Oprah told the world how awesome they are, and now doctors are recommending them. Last week when I went to urgent care about a headache, sure enough the guy suggested I use a “Neti Pot” type thing. Actually, he suggested the Binford 2000 variety that uses … Read more