Bright Stars

Last night, I found myself driving home after dark with our youngest daughter. Going for a ride in Daddy’s truck is a special treat, and apart from the loud exhaust, rusty body, and non-existent shocks, I can understand why. My old truck rocks. It’s a stick shift, and Daddy drives it kinda rough — great … Read more

Take the green pill, Neo

I just recovered from a 16 hour headache. It was a doozy. I feel better now, and I don’t have gas either. Odd thing to mention? I agree. In our medicine cabinet, we have sinus headache medicine. They are green pills, which a person with a hurting melon takes every 6 hours to feel better. … Read more


So Tigger got skunked. Yep. Right in the face. When I smelled it, I ran outside to bring him inside, so that he wouldn’t tangle with the skunk I smelled. Too late. When he came running to me, his face was still wet from skunkiness. It was truly disgusting. So Tigger will be spending the … Read more

Awesome Wife Have I

You know what we’re doing this fine Tuesday evening? We’re watching old episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation. That’s right, I said we are watching it! Donna is the coolest wife in the world. I think that her not being a die hard trekkie, yet still enjoying watching it with me makes her super … Read more