Brain of Shawn Podcast #1

Here it is, episode 1 of the podcast. I considered calling this episode zero — because really there’s very little content. Then I realized that if the expectation of real content is established, I might be in trouble somewhere around episode “the next” 🙂 To donate 4 minutes of your life to pointless endeavors, just … Read more

Podcast? I’ve mentioned a few times that I desire to produce a weekly podcast. I even have a mixing board, decent mic, and enough tech know-how to publish the thing. What I’m lacking, is a focus. I like the title, “Professionally Inept” because truly, I know a lot about a lot, but I’m far from a … Read more

Look! It’s Me on TV!

Remember a while back I mentioned I was going to be on television as a caller on The Lab with Leo Laporte? Well, episode 157 aired on Thursday, and I snagged myself a copy of it today. It only airs in Australia and Canada, but they offer torrents of the show after it airs, so … Read more

Podcasting I’ve toyed on and off with the idea of a podcast. I’ve decided to go ahead with the plan, and I’m going to try doing a weekly deal. The bad news is that I’m not exactly sure how the format will go. It might change. It might flop. (The last is actually a significant possibility) … Read more

Continued 2008 Suckfest, and a Review. It appears as though our well quit today. This does not please me, because although a well is just a big hole in the ground, it’s a rather pricey hole in the ground. And apparently our well pump doesn’t suck, and it’s actually supposed to. What a weird world. Anyway, wish me luck. The well … Read more